License Transfer

To transfer your RemoteScan software to a new machine, please provide the RemoteScan username associated with your license, the MAC address of the machine with which you are currently registered, and the MAC address of the machine to which you are transferring this license. You will be sent your new unlock key in an email sent to the email address provided below.
Fields marked with * are required.
Finding Your MAC Address
Example of a MAC address: 00-A0-CC-C5-26-4B

Method 1 (RemoteScan software is not installed):

• Open a command prompt.
• Type "ipconfig /all", then press Enter.
• The MAC address is labeled Physical Address under the network card in use.

Method 2 (RemoteScan software is installed):

• Right click on the RemoteScan icon in the system tray of the local computer.
• Choose "Register".
• The MAC address is listed in the drop down list of the available network cards.

Contact Licensing if you have any questions or need assistance.